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          This site is dedicated to my maternal Grandmother, Ida Singer Kauffman, who was born 1887 and grew up in Five Forks, Pa.    Once married, she lived the rest of her life in Waynesboro on Snyder Avenue.    She passed away in 1977.    She is directly responsible for my interest in Waynesboro history and in particular collecting postcards.


          The purpose of this site is to provide an online list of Waynesboro, Pa postcards.    Most are from my collection; however, others have generously allowed their postcards to be included.    As I acquire more postcards or copies from others, they also will be added.    I will gratefully give credit to anyone who may have any unusual Waynesboro postcards; to sell or loan for this site.    I am especially looking for real photo type postcards.


          I have divided the postcards into various topics such as schools, churches, banks, etc.    You can access these topics by clicking on the link “Waynesboro, Pa Postcard Topics” above.    You can access the postcard photo topics by clicking on the individual squares or pull up the entire list by clicking the “Postcards List Format” link.    Also, once you access the postcard size picture, you can click on it to see an enlarged version of the card.    I hope this will make it easy to find what you are looking for.    Please email any questions or comments to Jim@WaynesboroPaPostcards.com.


          Although I have enclosed several views which are the same or similar, I did not think it useful to include every variety of the same view.    Some of the same views were published in at least six different versions by several publishers.    The following are examples:

#1. Varieties of South Potomac Avenue.

#2. Varieties of South Broad Street.


          If you are planning to collect postcards, the best ways to organize your collection are by topic and/or by publisher.    The following are examples of organizing by publisher:

                   D. L. Miller, Waynesboro

#1. Various Miller Waynesboro Streets.

#2. Various Miller Waynesboro Buildings.

#3. Various Miller Waynesboro Churches, Buildings and View.

                   M. A. Jacob’s, 5 & 10 Store

#1. Various Jacob Waynesboro Streets.

#2. Various Jacob Waynesboro Buildings.

#3. Assorted Other Jacob Cards.


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This web site is owned and maintained by James M. Luty.  Please email any questions or comments to Jim@WaynesboroPaPostcards.com.